PMO Training


PMO – popularly known as PROJECT MANAGEMENT OFFICE is the key contributor of an organization in setting and customizing project management processes to meet organizational goals and objectives.

The tailor made course focuses on customised project management process, maintaining portfolio, prioritizing the projects, controlling cost by continuously monitoring the project progress and keeping it into the budget. Making a charter, effective and improved communication, effectively utilising the available resources within organization.

Learning out of this program:

  • What is PMO and why it is required.
  • Justification on investment on a PMO.
  • Roadmap for Project Management Office implementation.
  • Functioning of Project Management Office.
  • Program management.
  • Portfolio management.
  • Different PMO models.
  • Project office.
  • Project Management Processes.
  • Various tools & Templates.
  • Aligning project management with portfolio management.
  • Gap Analysis.
  • Organization wide various reporting formats and structures.
  • Recording lessons learned.
  • Team development & people development.
  • Project Governance, project reviews, project audit.

Who Should Attend:
Project managers, Program Managers, PMO Staff, Project Office Staff, Management representatives, HODs and people who are directly indirectly involved in the projects to increase the knowledge and the skill.


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