predictive and adaptive project management

Journey from Predictive to Adaptive Project Management

Journey from Predictive to Adaptive Project Management Being a NON IT guy (B.E. Mechanical) I was by default exposed to predictive project management methodologies. So I pursued for PMP credential and finally I got PMP. After working for many years in industries, I decided to start my own business three years back.  Being a small […]


Project Selection Methods An Investor is always interested to earn attractive returns on his investments. If there are many projects in the organization which are competing then investor or financier needs a comparative study of returns proposal to decide and choose one of them or a few of them.  Therefore there various project selection methods. […]

Difference between facilitation and analytical technique

Facilitation and Analytical Technique Facilitation technique: In this technique a facilitator helps team members to reach to a decision /conclusion / to accomplish an activity. For example resolving a conflict between the people/ team. Analytical Technique: This technique is used to forecast potential outcomes based on variation in various depending variables. The FMEA (Design or Process) […]

Project definition

What is a Project ?

Project Definition Projects are vital for the growth of organizations irrespective of the size of the organization. An organized well planned approach, commitment of project team, meeting stakeholder’s expectation, customer satisfaction & meeting objectives of the project within the constraints makes a project successful. Projects therefore require resources, budget, time frame to complete the objectives […]

project simulation

Characteristics of a Project

Project Characteristics. Many times there is a dilemma about new assignment on hand. Is it a project or not? If not then what it is?  In this blog post we will try to understand difference between OPERATION, Program Management as well. Operation is an ongoing & repetitive work. Let us understand this by below examples. Manufacturing […]